Saturday 27 April 2013

My experience of getting the signature of a gazetted officer

Needed the signature of a gazetted officer for a domicile certificate for a document.  Hence, had been to the Tahsildar's office today.  Writing this post to record my experience.  Went to the Tahsildar's office in the 4th floor at 10:20.  The Tahsildar was not there.  A peon there directed me to the sub registrar's office in the 2nd floor. The sub registrar, being a gazetted officer, refused to sign the document saying that domicile certificates are supposed to be given by the Tahsildar. Again, went back to the Tahsildar's office and by this time, the Tahsildar had arrived.  The Tahsildar asked me to get a caste
certificate from the regional office of our area in order to give the domicile certificate.  Dejected, I went down to the hotel in the ground floor, had a coffee there and came out of the office in order to catch a bus to go back to home. Luckily, I found a High Court advocate sitting outside the office with a board. This guy was also a notary public. He was signing such documents for people and collecting money. An advocate of the High Court is a gazetted officer.  Approached this guy.  He asked a few questions and finally signed the document.

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Problem with my new Airtel connection

I got my new Airtel mobile prepaid connection activated yesterday.  In the application form itself, I had asked for 3G.  After the phone got activated, I assumed 3G must be active and started downloading stuff.  After using about 12MB, I realized the speeds are low and contacted customer care and came to know that 3G is not activated.  I came to know that I had used 2G and would be billed accordingly (10p/10KB).  This is horrible.  Can Airtel ensure that my 2G usage is billed with my 3G plan, since I had actually requested for 3G in the application?

Tuesday 23 April 2013

My son drinking milk on his own

Thursday 11 April 2013